Martino: Barca don't owe me an apology

The club look set to appoint Luis Enrique as the 51-year-old's replacement next season but he insists he doesn't think they have acted inappropriately towards him

Gerardo Martino says no one at Barcelona owes him an apology about the way they have treated him as they continue the search to find his replacement.

After crashing out of the Champions League and losing in the Copa del Rey final, the Catalans could end the season without a major trophy as they sit three points behind leaders Atletico Madrid with two games left to play.

And, as a poor campaign for the Blaugrana reaches its climax, the club appear to have been recruiting for Martino's replacement next season with Luis Enrique linked heavily to the post. However, the Argentine insists he doesn't feel the club's treatment of him has been disrespectful.

“None of the club’s actions have been inappropriate," he told reporters. "They have not made any mistakes, not now or in any of the 10 months I’ve been here. No one needs to apologise to me.

"No positive result will condition my future. That would not change my vision of the future at all. I don’t have to be content with my work, even if we do win the league."

The 51-year-old conceded the league title to Atletico and Real Madrid last week after his side's 2-2 draw with Getafe, but slip-ups from their rivals mean that, if Barca beat Elche and their final opponents Atletico, they will secure the league title.

"All I have to say to the players is that the league is in our own hands. The group of players in the dressing room, with myself in charge, don’t find it hard to say that we got it wrong last Saturday given that we are all able to criticise ourselves.

"We didn’t have to connect with one another, the results brought us together, between what happened last Sunday and on Wednesday. We couldn’t have expectations when things were out of our hands. That would’ve been irresponsible.

"We need to win the next two games, not look for the best Barca. We have 180 minutes to do that.

"We understand that it’s just one chance. But we’re not going to get carried away, that would be disrespectful towards Elche and Atletico.

"What happens in La Liga doesn’t surprise me; it happens everywhere. My ability to be shocked has nothing to do with football."

The coach then turned his attention to Sunday's opponents, insisting it will be a difficult game against the team who sit 14th in the league.

"Elche's position makes them strong. They need another point or two to ensure their safety. We have the chance to go for the league. We’re delighted we got it wrong. It sounds tough speaking of irresponsibility. Other actions could be called irresponsible, but not that."