Bolt: I can help Bale like I did Ronaldo

The Jamaican sprint legend wants to assist the Welshman at Real Madrid and insists he can make the €100 million man an even better player
Olympic sprinting icon Usain Bolt wants to help Gareth Bale improve his speed like he did with Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bale, 24, made his move to the Santiago Bernabeu this summer for a world record €100 million fee, but the reigning 100m and 200m World and Olympic champion believes that he can make the Welshman an even more phenomenal player.

"I think Gareth is probably the fastest player in the world at the moment - but I will help him with his sprinting if he wants," Bolt is quoted as saying by The Daily Mail.

"It is not just about how fast you can accelerate - but also when you have the football at your feet about balance while you are sprinting as well. I helped Ronaldo with his sprinting in a training session - and look what he has go on to achieve since then.

"I have a lot of respect for Real Madrid - and if they and Gareth want my help I am happy to fly in and take a private training session with Gareth. I hear that he has been clocking speeds close to me - but it is about technique as well.

"I know I could make him an even better player than he already is."

Bale was absent from Real Madrid's last-gasp, controversial win over Elche on Wednesday after picking up a minor injury at the weekend.