Ancelotti much more than a peacemaker, says Mourinho

The newly appointed Chelsea manager has defended the Italian coach and has made it clear that he has no regrets regarding his time at Madrid
Former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels that it would be unfair on Carlo Ancelotti to describe the current Paris Saint-Germain trainer as a peacemaker, stressing that there is much more to the Italian.

Ancelotti is sitting in pole position to replace Mourinho at the Santiago Bernabeu, with Madrid determinedly trying to lure the PSG boss to the Spanish capital despite the Ligue 1 champions' reluctance to lose the Italian. If the deal goes through, the Portuguese trainer hopes that his counterpart enjoys a fruitful spell with los Blancos.

"Do Madrid need a peacemaker like Ancelotti? If they would describe me as a peacemaker rather than a coach I would feel offended... I don't think Carlo deserves to be offended before he's even started," Mourinho told Punto Pelota.

"I hope that he gets the support that he deserves. Him or any other coach who will take over. It looks like Ancelotti will come in to take the reins and I wish him all the best."

Mourinho then took the time to reflect on his time at Madrid and insisted that he does not have any regrets.

"I do not regret anything. It's not worth it. I see that I get stronger every year. I am constantly learning new things. Sometimes you get positive feedback and sometimes negative, but you always learn something. Of course, I have made mistakes, but so have other people. It's all part of the game.

"If I would have stayed, I would have started next season with some problems from this term. It's in everybody's best interest that I left. The players can have a fresh start and a new project."