Gheorghe Hagi: Cruyff was the reason I joined Barcelona

The Romanian icon has explained his decision on joining Blaugrana in the 1990s and revealed his move was down due to the legendary Dutchman
Gheorghe Hagi has underlined that the reason for his move to Barcelona in 1994 was due to the opportunity of working with his childhood hero Johan Cryuff, who was a coach at the time.

The 124-cap Romania international revealed that the stature of his hero drew him to Camp Nou, and hailed the three-time Ballon d'Or winner for his help during their time together.

"He was amazing - the best," he told

"When I went to Barcelona in 1994, he was the coach, and I went because of him. It was great, even though I didn't always get a game. Working with him, I fulfilled my potential.

"When I was a child we did not get to see many international games but, even so, I was aware that the best in the world was Cruyff."

Hagi, now 47, was named among the top 125 living footballers by Pele.