Spain's television rights deal unfair, says Sevilla's Trochowski

The German midfielder believes that La Liga's two biggest clubs receive far too much from broadcasting revenue, and tips Barcelona to clinch the league title this season

Sevilla’s Piotr Trochowski believes that Barcelona and Real Madrid are too heavily favoured by the Liga television rights, claiming that it is difficult for other clubs to keep up financially.

Spain’s broadcasting revenue has been a controversial subject as there is no system of collective bargaining, with teams allowed to negotiate their own individual rights.

Barca and Real take home about half of the estimated €640 million pot between them, thanks to their ability to draw the biggest television audiences, with third-placed Valencia earning just over €40m.

Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido has campaigned for a more equitable distribution of the television rights in the past, and now the club’s German midfielder has also chimed in on the debate.

“What the clubs find especially annoying is the distribution of TV money,” Trochowski explained to Kicker.

“Half of the money goes to Barca and Real and the remainder is divided up among the rest. How will we keep up with that?”

When asked to pick a winner for the Primera Division this season, however, the 28-year-old could not see past Barcelona claiming their first title under new coach Tito Vilanova.

"I am against both, but for me, Barca is stronger. Little has changed in the team and the new coach Vilanova was the assistant of [Pep] Guardiola. He knows the structures."