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The Barcelona attacker will ensure Waleed Kashash receives treatment for the next six years after being informed of the Moroccan youngster's growth hormone deficiency

A 12-year-old diagnosed with the same condition previously suffered by Lionel Messi will be treated for by the Barcelona attacker after the 24-year-old vowed to pay for the child's medical bills.

Waleed Kashash, who was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), had dreamt of beating the disorder to make the grade as a footballer, but the cost of his treatment threatened to destroy his hopes.

However, a woman named Soad al-Affani decided to notify Messi of the youngsters' illness, to which the Argentine replied by stating that he would cover his costs of 3000 dirham (208) every 15 days until he becomes 18.

Messi then took a photo of himself holding Waleed's T-shirt and wrote a message for him to be strong and with all of his love.

GHD is a rare condition that affects approximately one in 3800 child births, while in adulthood, symptoms are felt in roughly 10 per million.