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The Spanish midfielder is upbeat about his side's chances in the league but insists that the team remains focused on collecting three points every game

Sergio Busquets has refused to write off Barcelona's chances of winning La Liga.

Barcelona find themselves just one point behind Real Madrid in the league table ahead of Los Blancos' derby against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday evening.

Earlier in the week, coach Pep Guardiola maintained that it is "almost impossible" for Barca to retain their league title, but Busquets is more confident about the team's chances.

"I think it will be hard to win the league, but there is nothing impossible," he told reporters at a press conference.

"After tonight [Wednesday], the distance to Madrid could be of one, two or four points, depending on how they do, but they will still have the advantage.

"In previous years, there were cases of one-point differences and we ended up being champions; that does not mean anything.

"Match after match, we try to shorten the gap, but what we are interested in is to win every game.

"If we win all of our matches until the end, we will at least be one point behind and we would have high chances, but right now we are only thinking about the match against Levante, who are a tough side and have had a great season."

Despite Madrid being at the top of the table, Busquets stressed that he would not like to switch places with Los Blancos.

"The situation is what it is," he noted. "I would not change anything, but I would like to be at the top.

"We played at the Santiago Bernabeu some time ago, and now they are the ones who have to come here."