Hull City chairman Allam hits back at fan protests over name change

The 74-year-old is unhappy at the opposition he has faced from supporters during his attempts to rebrand the club, insisting that all commercial decisions lie with him alone
Hull City chairman Assem Allam has emphatically dismissed any fans who are against his decision to change the club’s name.

Allam announced on Monday that he is still trying to change the club's name to Hull Tigers, but supporters' organisation City Til We Die have urged the Football Association to intervene and block the proposal.

However, the Hull chairman has rejected any opposition to the switch and insists he will stand firm on his decision.

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"I honestly don't know why the fuss, why a small group are making all this fuss," Allam told BBC Radio 5 live.

"Nobody in the world will decide for me how I run my companies, certainly not a few hundred people.

"No, no, no. I will not allow that. Let us establish this - nobody questions my decisions in my business."

The 74-year-old, who moved to Hull in 1968, says he must find other income streams for the club as the KC Stadium is owned by the council.

But Allam has reassured supporters that he will not be changing the club’s colours, logo or nickname, as they do not fall under what he calls "commercial decisions."

"What the fans should be interested in - I will never change the colour, I will never change the logo, I will never remove Hull, I will never remove Tigers," he added.

"These words were there for many years. The colour of the club, amber and black, is there. The logo is there. That's for the fans and I will never change this without consulting the fans.

"As for the commercial decisions - my decision."