Rafael: Players need time to adapt to Moyes

The Brazilian full-back believes that a transitional period at Old Trafford was inevitable, given predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson had been in charge for 27 years
Manchester United defender Rafael believes new manager David Moyes will do well once the players have adapted to his methods.

Following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson over the summer, the former Everton boss has struggled in his first few games in charge, but the Brazilian feels that it was only natural that their would be a period of ajustment for everyone concerned.

"It's never easy," he told Omnisport. "Obviously it's completely different because we had Alex Ferguson for 27 years but I think we all must get used to it.

"David Moyes has his own rules but, of course, he is not going to change everything, especially because what was done before was proven to work well.

"Now he is introducing his touch but he is also keeping the basics."

After a summer which saw fierce debate over the future of Wayne Rooney, Rafael is not surprised to see the forward still at Old Trafford, where the full-back argues he is at home.

The full-back added: "There was too much talk about Rooney leaving. He was always silent about it. Now he is very relaxed.

"He belongs to Manchester United. He has been here for so long now, [for] almost a decade.

"The fans love him and I think he will stay here for a long time."