Cahill defends England Fifa world rankings drop

The Three Lions currently lie 15th, their worst position since 2008, but the defender dismissed the notions the national game is in turmoil after the failures of the younger sides
Chelsea centre-back Gary Cahill has defended the England senior team after a drop to 15th in the latest Fifa world rankings.

It marks their lowest ranking since 2008 and comes shortly after the Under-21 and Under-20 sides struggled in their respective European Championship and World Cup campaigns during June.

8/11 England are 8/11 with Coral to remain unbeaten during the World Cup 2014 qualifiers
Such failures have led to fears the national game is in serious decline, but Cahill does not agree and insists it has been blown out of proportion by the media.

"I don't think that at all," he told the Evening Standard.

"When things go well with England, you get the pats on the back. When they don't go well it is like the end of the world.

"For the younger age groups it is about the importance of tournament experience. Whether you do well or badly, you take positives from it.

"And I wouldn't read too much into the slip in the rankings.

"No one from our side was going that crazy when we were third. But all of a sudden, we are 15th and supposed to be all over the place. That is not the case at all."