Mancini rejects 'sack' suggestions

The Italian believes his potential dismissal would make every manager in the Premier League fear for their position
Roberto Mancini has rejected suggestions that Manchester City could dispense with his services, insisting that those talking of such a decision "don't understand football".

The Italian argued that his side can still win silverware this season, noting that "three or four games can change everything" as they seek to close a 12-point gap on Manchester United in the Premier League.

Speaking to the press ahead of Sunday's FA Cup fifth-round tie with Leeds United, Mancini declared: "We started our project three years ago. In three years we are always on the top, we fight for the title, we won three trophies, we have the chance to win more this year.

"All the people who talk about this don't understand football. If Manchester City should sack me, the other 20 teams in the Premier League should be without a manager.

Asked if he considered the title race over, the Italian said adamantly: "I don't think like this, never. I have another mentality, I always think we can win everything.

"We have 12 games [left in the league]. We need to do our best, not look at the table because it is not important now. We are a good team. We did some mistakes and lost some stupid points.

"We don't deserve to stay 12 points behind but United deserve to stay on top at this moment - but we will see what happens.

"I think that is a difficult moment because we lost seven points in three games but in football sometimes it is strange. When you think it is finished, three or four games can change everything. While we have the points available to win, we should believe in ourselves."