Rodgers demanded to be in control before agreeing to join Liverpool

The Reds' new coach says he needed to clarify with the club's owners that he would be in charge of football matters as a pre-condition of accepting the job at Anfield
Brendan Rodgers has revealed that one of the conditions he agreed with Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group before he took the job at Anfield was that he would have control of certain areas at the club.

Rodgers admitted he laid down various ultimatums - one of which was to be in control of football matters - before he accepted the role as Kenny Dalglish's successor.

"The owners probably spoke to one or two people about certain roles but I wanted clarity on it [the structure] and I didn't agree until after three discussions with them," the  39-year-old said at his official unveiling on Friday.

"I wanted to make sure it was going to be the case that I would be in charge of football matters. That I would control the team, control the work and then what we have underpinning that is a team all with one vision and one mentality – that is to make the first team better. If it was anything other than that then I couldn't have said yes because that's not my strength," the Northern Irishman continued.

Although Rodgers intends to replicate the success he achieved at former club Swansea, he wants to do so on his own terms and not under anyone else's guidance.

He also stated that he could only work on the basis that he would be able to contact the owners directly and establish a close relationship with them.

"I am better when I have control. [But] I am not a power freak," he insisted.

"But my point is that I need to feel that I can manage the team and have a direct clear line through to the owners. Once that becomes hazy, for me there is a problem. I don't think it was a model the owners were set on, by any means. I think it is one that people have come to them and suggested. They are still learning about the game."

The ex-Reading boss also made it clear that he would not work under an emblematic figurehead in charge of signing players.

"One of the items I brought up when I was speaking to the club was that I wouldn't directly work with a director of football," he said.

"I feel that if you are going to do that as a club you have to do that first. That was my recommendation. If you want to have a sporting director, get him in and then you can pick your manager from there but if you do I won't be the manager."

Explaining why, Rodgers stressed: "It's absolute madness if you are the manager of the club and someone else tells you to have that player.

"It doesn't work. I've had total clarity with that from the guys so I've got confidence that will remain."

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