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Frenchman also feels striker Gervinho learned valuable lesson about life in the Premier League following opening day dismissal against Newcastle and is eyeing consistency at home

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was irked by Luis Suarez’s ‘overboard’ penalty claims against the Gunners two weeks ago.

The Uruguayan went down in the area under the challenge of Wojciech Szczesny and won the spot-kick, which was duly missed by Dirk Kuyt as the Pole made an excellent save.

The Frenchman understands players' attempts to win penalties, but feels there is no room in the game for over the top behaviour.

He told reporters: "Suarez got the penalty last weekend... it was no penalty. Nobody touched him.

“Where they go overboard is that nobody touched him. I can understand if they push the ball too far but when no one touches him... Then, when they roll down the sock, take the shin pad out like he has been kicked like mad. It's a bit overboard.

“Everyone who has played football can understand they try to win the penalty but when he goes completely, afterwards, to get a bit more … we don't need that."

Wenger believes striker Gervinho learned a valuable lesson about life in the Premier League following his sending off against Newcastle on the opening day of the season.

"At Newcastle, he had a bad response to provocation from Barton,” said Wenger.

"He was shocked because he felt he didn't do a lot. But I think he learned his lesson in the first game and it's better than [learning] after 20 [games].

"It's better to know what you are facing [in a new league]. If you want to play abroad and work abroad then you have to adapt to the local culture.”

The 62-year-old is hopeful of another impressive performance at the Emirates on Monday as the Gunners look to build on their recent good home form but is wary of the threat the Magpies will pose.

He added: "It's better not to have to come back but you do what you have to do to win the game. Newcastle is a team that has offensive strengths so a good defensive performance will be needed.

"For consistency of top results, this is the best team I've had for a while because for a long time, we didn't put one big result after the other.

"There is also the quality of our games. You can say what you want but [in the last three home games] we score seven against Blackburn, five against Tottenham and three against Milan. We have a flow in our game because maybe the confidence is higher."

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