Ranbir Kapoor: I want my team to have similar values as Mumbai

The owner of Mumbai City FC shared his thoughts on the upcoming tournament and his love for the beautiful game...

One of India's finest actors and co-owners of Mumbai City FC, Ranbir Kapoor recalls how the Indian Super League (ISL) gave him a chance to fulfill his life long dream of owning a football club.

"Being a football fan, we all were very enthusiastic to know that something like this is coming to our country and to have a team of our own was super exciting. I started chasing everyone involved to know what was the process and how do I apply and to finally get the Mumbai franchisee was a dream. I could not have asked for more because this is the city I live in and the city I love the most. We have a lot of plans and I can't wait to get started on them," he explained.

Ranbir added that he will stay away from all the technical details of the game, leaving them in the hands of the experts.

"I approach football as a fan only. I am over enthusiastic about the game. Of course I leave specific things such as team selection and tactics to the people who know the job very well, but to discuss the team logo, colour, practice matches and everything is like a dream," he added.

"I want my team to have similar values as Mumbai. Mumbai gives an opportunity to everybody as long as you give your 100%," he said.

The face of FC Barcelona in India, the actor believes that the Spanish side and Mumbai City FC could join hands in the near future.

"Well, not for the first year at least. We will try and see if we can manage that and hopefully we can have a tie up with them in the future," he opined.

The 31-year old was successful in luring in former Borussia Dortmund defender Manuel Friedrich to the Mumbai franchisee and is keen to add another big name on the roster.

"We have a gentleman called Arunava Chaudhuri, who has been working with German football for a long time and we left the signing of Manuel Friedrich to him. So we are very excited about having him in our team and we are also looking for another marquee player."

The actor's expectations from his side is to deliver entertaining football, one that can make the audience forget about the European sides.

"As long as we can please the fans with entertaining football, our goal will be satisfied. We want to create an atmosphere where fans don't have to watch Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United. They now have their own team to look forward to," he concluded.