Manchanda: We took advice from Bhaichung Bhutia schools

The owner of the Delhi franchisee spoke on his team's strategy for recruiting players...

The Delhi Dynamos will be resting easy after their participation in the draft picks for the inaugural Indian Super League (ISL) season. They successfully nabbed Naoba Singh, Robert Lalthamuana, Francis Fernandes, Shouvik Ghosh, Shouvik Chakraborty, Munmun Timothy Lugun and Shylo Malswamtulunga in what was a busy bidding afternoon for all those involved on Tuesday.

Speaking after the drafts, Delhi’s owner Sameer Manchanda explained on their strategy at the picks, “We went for a mix of youth and experience. The average age will be 24. That gives you a balanced side. We came last in the draw but we're happy that we got a fair side. We went in for full-backs and wingers initially as part of our strategy.

“The good thing is that we had 5 minutes to decide. So we were utilizing it and debating on which are the various position we had to fill in.”

The DEN Network chairman stated that they had to considerable research in order to choose the players for their club.

“We did our research and we had our foreign partners in Feyenoord advising. We took that and the instructions of our coach and tried to find a balance,” elucidated the honcho.

“It’s (The draft is) dynamic so you need to change your decision at the last moment. We wanted to take our time. We were satisfied with our first pick even though we went last.

“If there are 2-to-3 options for the position you need to fill, that's good. So we'll wait for the list to make further deliberations,” revealed Manchanda.

“We had to work harder than the other teams since we don't have an I-League team in Delhi. With the instructions of our head coach and techinical expertise with Bhaichung Bhutia schools, we made our decisions," Vaibhav Manchanda, vice-president - DEN Soccer.