Habas disapproves of facilities within stadium

Habas while happy with the Salt Lake stadium's size, isn't pleased with the astro-turf and assistant Barreto believes it may lead to injuries...

Antonio Lopez Habas, who took over recently as the coach of Kolkata’s Indian Super League (ISL) franchise, Atletico de Kolkata, has voiced his displeasure at the venue for all of the club’s home games, the Salt Lake Stadium. 

Colecting his thoughts and assessments, Habas elucidated, “I think we do have the necessary infrastructure and facilities at present. Now, we need to build on it because the youngsters today require the best of facilities and good guidance to nurture their talent,” to The Telegraph as he toured the stadium with assistants Jose Ramirez Barreto and Alberto Marrero, player recruitment head.

“Artificial turfs lead to injuries, so that’s why they are a bit worried. But it’s too late to change things now,” said Barreto, who believed the staff were happy with the size of the venue, but not the pitch.