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Whilst the AIFF's plan to implement an independent league may have pleased many at the AFC corridors, officials at home question the implementation itself...

As the All India Football Federation (AIFF) racks up its attempts to set up an independent women's football league, the idea seems to have met with a dire amalgam of disillusion and expectations together in Kerala. 

While many of the states respected and veteran women footballers were in goal with the idea of implementing an independent women's league, or for a stark reality to its implementation, questioning the pragmatism behind such a decision and its effects. 

We must remember that the decision to structure such a league was floated and discussed upon by delegates from both Indian as well as the Asian football Confederation (AFC) Women’s committee at the meeting at AIFF's headquarters, New Delhi. 

As Kushal Das, general secretary of the AIFF, laid bare, the pattern of thinking is to convert the National women's championship to the same shade as that of the men's football league, except that the games will be played interstate, as compared to between clubs. 

Das has elucidated that the blueprint for implementing such a league would be in place by 2015. 

"If they really roll it out, I will be the happiest person in the world. But I don't know how the dynamics are going to play out old and he effects it will have on women's football," revealed C V Seena, ex international cum coach to the New Indian Express.

She also added that the revamp necessary for women's football in the country was so severe that simple "passive approaches" would not quantify in reviving condition. 

Indian International and FIFA referee, Bentla D'Couth, said she was keen on seeing the proposals being implemented but warns the plan seemed a short term remedy to ensure that the players are ready for the 2015 Asian Games.