Footy Carnival: What's your plan for this World Cup?

If you love football and would love to experience the 2014 World Cup in style, why not sign up for the Footy Carnival?

This FIFA World Cup 2014, we are NOT offering a travel package to Brazil.

Instead, we’re heading to Europe to support our beloved teams right from their homeland, a continent where football is a religion and the players are heroes. We’ll be dashing from one country to another, experiencing football at its purest, so join the Footy Carnival!

What could be better than cheering for Ronaldo in Lisbon, for Casillas in Spain or for Ozil in Berlin, while the stars themselves strive for World Cup glory? A completely planned opportunity through the Footy Eurail Trip to experience Europe like never before with a variety of travel packages, visiting various holy temples where football is the only deity! (When the holiday season and the football season collide, you have to read the divine signs!)

So what’s the big idea?

Admittedly, being a football fan in India can be tragic. There’s just no way to wholly enjoy the biggest sporting event in the world, in its true spirit. Why? For one, take a look at the match timings.

Most matches begin at 0030 or 0330 hours. You’ll probably watch the match in bed, barely struggling to stay awake. Or maybe at a friends place whose parents are away. Not to forget, these matches will finish in the early hours. So you replace all the beer you should have been chugging, with some coffee to prepare you for the day ahead.

Also, what happens when the matches get over and you want to scream your guts out? You are limited to muted celebrations without all the essential cheering and shouting.

That’s why we bring in the European nightlife to complement your love for the beautiful game. Watching the game with hundreds of people on a huge screen, screaming for every single touch of the ball, that’s football. 

So what’s in store for you?

Well there’s, Sizzling cafes of Amsterdam, fresh German beer in Berlin, the most passionate fans on the beautiful beaches of Barcelona, Madrid or Marbella wearing their Spanish colours, singing their anthems and shouting their hearts out.

A million hearts that beat for the beautiful game. And possibly the best World cup ever. With the greatest players of this generation, at the peaks of their careers, playing at the celestial home of football as they give everything they have to touch the most famous trophy.

And really, what could be a better place than Europe to absolutely immerse yourself in the game? A continent with thirteen teams in the World Cup, Europe is probably where the phrase “football-crazy” was invented.

With a night life to die for, after-match parties to take you to early heaven and some great music to go with it, see how Europe comes alive for this month as it indulges in the greatest sporting spectacle on Earth.

So yes, we’re about to take the journey of a lifetime, living the dream along with millions of zealous football fans!

And we were wondering,

What’s your plan this World Cup?


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