Kushal Das: FIFA to inspect the U-17 World Cup venues again in October-November

The Indian FA general secretary mentioned that the world governing body for football is expected to conduct another two rounds of inspections before March next year…

FIFA are expected to send in a venue-wise report to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) next week after they inspected the potential venues for the U-17 World Cup back in February.

The AIFF is then expected to initiate the upgradation work at the said venues as per the observations and suggestions provided in the report.

“The detailed report is expected around the 26th (April). They have given some general observations already. They were pretty happy  with the approach and feedback they got from various state associations and also the enthusiasm shown.

“The initial observations was the work needs to be done at the stadiums and more so, at the training ground level. The venue-wise detailed will come in, based on that they will do an inspection in October-November. Then by February or so, venues will be checked again,” informed Das to Goal.

He mentioned that FIFA would want to see progress made every time they come to inspect the infrastructure.

“They want to see some progress. That’s something we would like to see. We hope that there is some progress by that time,” he added.