Rangdajied assistant coach Khlain Syiemlieh: Next year we will do even better

The Blues of Shillong ensured that they wouldn’t drop back into the second division I-League…

Rangdajied United only needed a point to safeguard themselves from relegation and they got desired result against arch rivals Shillong Lajong with a 0-0 draw.

Assistant coach Khlain Syiemlieh acknowledged that his team weren’t at their best on Monday but was pleased that they got a point in the end.

“I'm happy with the result. We didn't play well and we know our objective was a draw. I'm happy because Lajong didn't attack much. We were holding them in their own half and as a result I'm very happy,” he said.

“Lajong were a bit relaxed and we were also happy with the way they played.”

Syiemlieh promised that having confirmed their berth in next season’s I-League, they do plan to finish higher on the table.

“Everybody knows that we were the new team and we know we will be in the I-League next year. It’s a big achievement for this club.

“We kept faith in our coach (Hering Shangpliang) and did our job. We had players like Ranti Martins who joined our team and helped out a lot. So I would like to thank the whole management of the team. Maybe next year we can do better. Next year we'll be more excited.”