Oscar Bruzon: What is happening with the referees is extremely strange

The Spaniard was at loss to explain his side’s poor run of form after the Federation Cup…

Sporting Clube de Goa succumbed to a 3-1 defeat to Mohun Bagan and coach Oscar Bruzon didn’t have much to explain as to why his team haven’t been able to win since the I-League resumed in February.

“I think we lost the game and they (Mohun Bagan) didn’t win the game. This is what is happening in the last few weeks. We are missing some players. I don’t like to give excuses as we are not winning the game.

“I’m not happy as we are not performing well. We are very lucky to not be in the relegation area around this time. I don’t want to give excuses about missing players, cards and referees. That is what I think. I want to keep everything inside; otherwise it is going to be a problem for me,” said Bruzon.

The 36-year old reiterated his disappointment and mentioned that none of the players are performing up to the expected standard.

“I think we had a very good run. And now that we are not achieving it, we are coming down. But I cannot understand how can we come down after all the hard work we did last year? Being second in the Federation Cup, being second for most of the weeks in the I-League. I don’t understand and I’m talking to the assistant coach. I want to understand what the problem is from them. I am not used to this and I am extremely disappointed.

“All the lines, including the goal keeper, all the sectors - defensive, midfield, center, left, right were poor. We are below our standard and this is not our level.”

The Flaming Oranje’s title hopes have taken a beating through Bruzon stressed that their aim is to finish in the top half of the table.

“I never felt we had the title. My objective is finishing the league in the top five since the summer. I didn’t change my objective. So if we finish in the top five, we succeed.”

However Bruzon later questioned the match commissioner as to whether referee Umesh Bora did a fine job.

“Why don’t you (media) ask me about the referee? I want to ask you (the match commissioner) as well. Was the referrer good? Was he fair? 

“Sorry I know that this is not my duty. I want to at least report what happened in the first half, because this is happening week-by-week. I don’t need to come into this point. But in one league sometimes you receive (poor decisions), sometimes you get it (decisions in your favour) and in the end usually the points are balanced. For us it’s not like that. We are suffering a lot from bad referees, and with Mohun Bagan it’s not the first time it’s happened. And I’m going to stop here.

“Sorry because personally I have been thinking about that and what is happening is strange, very strange. I don’t want to find excuses. I am person of no excuses, but what is happening with the referees is extremely strange.”


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