Khalid Jamil: Snoei couldn’t digest losing to us

The Mumbai FC gaffer stated that the addition of Yusif Yakubu has changed the complexion of his side...

Mumbai FC won the Maharashtra derby at the expense of Pune FC who suffered their first defeat at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex this season in the I-League.

N.P.Pradeep put Mumbai FC ahead after 12 minutes which was cancelled out by Arata Izumi in the 41st minute. Yusif Yakubu scored the winner at the hour mark and it was also the first occasion when Pune FC had conceded more than a single goal at the venue this term.

“We got the result and I’m very happy about that. All credit must go to the boys because they understood me. Whatever is the result, they are the ones who’ve gotten it. It was my only duty to tell them what to do and they did the job.”

On being asked if his side had improved following the addition of players from IMG-Reliance and that Yakubu has added much needed venom upfront, Jamil said, “I agree wholeheartedly and why not? Especially Yakubu.”

Like Eelco Schattorie of United Sports Club last week, Jamil too acknowledged that Douhou Pierre is the main player of the Red Lizards given that he can provide good through-balls for his team-mates.

“Look, they only have one man who is a danger and that is Douhou. He created their first goal and for the last few years, he’s been the one of real quality. He is one of the players I like due to his acumen of spotting a through ball. He’s one of the few who can finish the chances well. The others are good too. (Shanmugham) Venkatesh is good too, but they brought him on a little too late. I don’t know much about the others in their team, but I’m happy with the result.”

Following Yakubu’s goal, Mumbai FC chose to defend their lead and not really ventured forward thereafter.

“We wanted to defend the 2-1 lead. We played Yakubu and (Mohammed) Rafi in attack. Yes, we were defending a lot, because this is a team that is at the top and of course we were in a struggle with our form in the recent past. We’re very happy.”

The Mumbai FC coach stated that the pressure on his side to deliver but was quick to add that Pune FC hadn’t defeated them lately.

“Yes, there is always pressure and nervousness in the matches that you play. When the game starts, there’s added pressure on you. I’ve enjoyed the game as I was in full control of myself. I know that if I go out of control, we would have a tough time. Pressure is definitely present all the time whether it’s a big match or a small one.  Pune FC hadn’t been beaten by us for about two years or so. I felt we adapted well to the floodlights as well. We are used to play at 3 pm. So we were able to adjust better as well under these circumstances.”

Jamil once again took time to credit India coach Wim Koevermans under whose guidance he underwent the first module of the Pro-license coaching course in Mumbai earlier this year.

“I’ve gleaned a lot from Wim. The course that we had to go with him was very fulfilling. My coaching sense has improved and full credit to him for teaching me how to play and how to handle pressure. I continue to learn from him like I’ve said about Armando Colaco. I’ve learned a lot form that duo.”

Haroon Amiri was apparently fouled by Gurjinder Kumar inside the box and Jamil opined that it was definitely not a penalty.

“Definitely not as that was a shoulder push and there was no tackle.”

At the end of the game, Pune FC coach Mike Snoei walked straight towards Jamil and the two were involved in a verbal spat.

“I wouldn’t  say something happened (between us). Look, it happens. He couldn’t digest losing and  got angry. Accounting for my younger age, its common psychology that us winning would have made him angry towards me. It happens and I capitalized on it. If you look at the performance in the last ten minutes in the second half, he focused on me. He kept complaining about cards and fouls and he kept getting a feedback. I’m just glad we won, nothing else matters.”