Churchill Brothers list their reasons for seeking postponement of Goa League tie

The management hierarchy of the of the Red Machines felt it necessary to explain the circumstances surrounding their Goa Pro League title decider no-show...

In what is now escalating into a bitter war of words, Churchill Brothers, I-League Champions for the 2012-13 season, have singed the Goa Football Association (GFA) with a stinging letter that addresses various facts regarding their absence from the field of play against Sporting Clube de Goa, in their Goa Super League title decider on Tuesday. Sporting won the title on the basis of a walkover as per the existing rules.

Now, miffed at the organizers of the tournament, the club have spoken their heart out, believing the GFA lacks rational train of thought and stressing the club did no wrong.

The club have issued a statement which goes on to report that the three factors curtailing their presence  from the all-important match were: the absence of players on international duty, the unavailability of foreign players (as they had relased their foreigners and were still in the process of signing their replacements) and most importantly the unavailability of players on account of injuries sustained in a match against Sesa FC in the Goa Super League.

Churchill then go on to explain that they had tried excruciatingly to postpone the match from the original 20th November date to 4th December. They detail a meeting between the club supermo, Churchill Alemao and GFA secretary, Adlear D’Cruz, wherein the postponement of the match to 4th December was agreed upon. However, they lambasted the GFA for not informing them of their decision to pre-pone the match to 19th November, while not even having the courtesy to notify the rejection of their suggestion to have the match postponed.

They lament the fact that a mandatory resting period of 72 hours after a match was not afforded to them in particular.

The club also cite the conspicuous absence of GFA president, Shrinivas Dempo, as a sign of the unacceptable behaviour of the association. 

They also effectively washed away their hands in any malpractice themselves in asking for postponement of the match by pointing out notable examples in the form of Vasco Club/Goa Velha wherein those matches were postponed at the whims and fancies of the league organizers.

Churchill Alemao, who observed that given the importance of the match, the tie has to be played in the interest of all and especially that of the football fans. "Everyone needs to be sporting,” concluded the official communicado of the club.

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