Wim Koevermans: I’m happy to know IMG-Reliance players have been loaned to I-League clubs

The Indian national coach is looking forward to the uphill challenge his team faces as they take on Nepal.

Subrata Paul has been offered a six-month contract by Danish club FC Vestsjaelland and India coach Wim Koevermans was pleased to learn of the developments but was quick to add that in the end the playing time matters.

"It’s very good for players to go abroad and play it’s and I’m very happy for Subrata. I never knew about that and it will be a good experience for him and hopefully he plays, great for him. There are a still a lot of boys In India who are not with clubs at the moment and there needs to be a solution and I feel sorry for them,” he said.

"You want to play every week that doesn’t happen in India all the time so when you go abroad there is a different culture there, different squad culture, different football culture - the training sessions can be different but in the end you want to play football. Every player wants that. I am also happy to hear that several IMG Reliance players had been loaned to an I-League club,” he stated.

Koevermans highlighted that India wants to avenge for their defeat in the SAFF Championship where they lost 2-1 to Nepal a couple of months back.

"Great welcome to our friends from Nepal. We are very pleased that they took the opportunity to come to Siliguri. We are looking forward to this match after the SAFF Cup defeat. In the sport culture you want to beat them the next time when they visit your country, so it’s going to be an interesting game. They have a very good squad as we saw that in the Nehru Cup as also in their home town. They also have an incredible support.

“We thought we could do the same and in the previous game we did it. It will be even more because there are people living in Siliguri who are from Nepal so it will be an electric support when it comes to fans but our players will do everything to win the match and it’s going to be a very interesting encounter tomorrow as they also want to win.

"If you get beaten by them just recently you obviously want to win the next game that is a very good attitude in sports and now we play at home so we will do everything to make it a great game.”

When asked whether he found it disappointing that the match won’t be televised in spite of the massive interest from both sets of supporters, Koevermans mentioned that they would play for the fans in the stadium.

"I think so. Unfortunately that’s the way it is. I cannot do anything about it. I wish I could but then both matches would be on television but we now play for the fans in the stadium. There are going to be a lot of fans and they are who we play for," He said

Several players in the Nepal team have already been playing in the Sikkim Governor's Gold Cup and when asked whether that would give them an advantage, the Dutchman was diplomatic in saying that did not concern him.

"My concern is to get the best team out and this does not concern me."

Koevermans was quick to dismiss any concern surrounding India's lack of scoring from open play citing that they had created many chances.

"There is no concern that we haven’t scored from open play because we create many chances and we will score goals. It’s always good to create many chances. It’s also not about any particular player. It’s only about the moment when the ball will end up in the back of the net,"