East Bengal set to reboot under Colaco as Falopa gets ready for exit

East Bengal’s Brazilian gaffer opined that he was ready to walk if the board asked him to do so, expresses regret over non-cooperation of players...
Marcos Falopa’s East Bengal chapter might have already come to a close. The coach claims to have known nothing about his exit, but he could be on his way, to be replaced by veteran India and Dempo SC coaching stalwart Armando Colaco.

Falopa should be released in an ‘honourable’ way before their Calcutta Football League (CFL) campaign resumes.

The former coach of Myanmar wasn’t too highly regarded amongst his staff it seems. The problems reared their head when the players started to openly ‘revolt’ against his training methods, which basically consisted of changing strategy or using players out of their attested positions. The incident occurred a few days after he took charge and the situation hasn’t improved since.

Now, almost five months into the job, Thursdays practice session COULD prove to be the last for the gaffer.

Following the 4-2 defeat at the hands of Kuwait SC in the first leg of the semi-final, the writing was on the wall for Falopa. James Moga has on a couple of occasions openly shown his resentment over being substituted while tensions between Ryuji Sueoka and Falopa are well documented. Alvito D'Cunha, Chidi Edeh and Uga Okpara too were amongst those who weren't too pleased with his 'all out attack' approach which has seen them concede far too many goals.

Falopa himself seemed perfectly collected as the news about his exit began to break. Expressing satisfaction with his work so far, the soon-to-be-replaced Brazilian claimed, “Look we need problems so that we can solve them. We are trying our best, but not everything is in our hands. Nobody has yet spoken to me about my future. You need support of the people in order to resolve problems. That wasn't to be and there wasn't enough cooperation from the players," he said.

It is widely believed that a closed doors meeting held between Falopa and the club management, which included East Bengal’s general secretary Kalyan Majumdar, was under the guise for a suitable compensation package which is needed to be agreed by both factions.

Falopa could be dispensed with immediately with assistant coach Ranjan Choudhary likely to take over the mantle, before Armando Colaco takes charge.


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