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The Indian FA were asked to send in their nomination for the prestigious award with the winner to be announced next month…

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) have submitted their nomination for the best performing Member Association in grassroots football in conjunction with the AFC Grassroots Year 2013.   

Earlier the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) had labeled this year as the AFC Grassroots Year, which was termed 'Let's Play!'.

The primary goal of the grassroots initiative is to get people engaged in the beautiful game, instill human values. Football is the main source of pleasure for many children and what it can add to one’s personality is highlighted.

“We have submitted all the details including some video clipping of all the grassroots programme initiatives across the country. We have also signed an agreement with the Football Federation of Australia which shall support us both financially and technically in the grassroot development programme. I believe that India in the last year has made significant strides forward as far as the grassroots are concerned. We are hopeful that our efforts will be recognized by the AFC," informed Kushal Das, the AIFF general secretary, to Goal.

“The AFC said that you should give details of your grassroot programme to be considered for the AFC Grassroot award. 2013 happens to be AFC Grassroot year," he added.


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