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The veteran manager has been ecstatic ever since he landed the dream job and wants to see his team win all the matches...

Venerated coach Subhash Bhowmick may be barred from coaching in the I-League due to strict regulations following the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) strict guidelines regarding the appointment of only those coaches who have completed the A-license in coaching.

This is a tough pill to swallow given Bhowmick’s achievements with other I-League clubs down the years, especially with Churchill brothers, with whom he won the league title just last year.

However, as GOAL had reported on Tuesday, the Indian Football Association’s (IFA) coaching committee has extended an olive branch to Bhowmick and have appointed him as the Technical Director (TD) of Bengal for the upcoming Santosh Trophy.

In a conversation with The Telegraph, Bhowmick reveals how he was handed the latest of his assignments by the Bengal body and states his insatiable need to get Bengal back into the footballing good books by helping his team win the Santosh trophy.

He stated, “The IFA secretary requested me to take up this job. Utpal Ganguli told me, ‘The I-League hasn’t been coming to Bengal for quite a long period. We couldn’t win last year’s Santosh Trophy as well. So we would like you to take charge and ensure that the Santosh Trophy, at least, comes to Bengal.’ I simply couldn’t turn him down thereafter… I readily agreed.”

Dispelling the belief that being technical director for a Santosh trophy team may be far easier than coaching Bhowmick elucidated, “The I-League footballers are not allowed to play in Santosh Trophy. So you have to get your job done with players plying their trade in local football — starting from the premier to the fifth division leagues. Now the job becomes easier when you have a spotter assisting you in selecting players from these many divisions,” revealing just how fraught with technicality his job is.

Bhowmick accepts that it was his enthusiasm which helped him score the job but won’t rest until and unless his team win the tournament.

“I’ll be getting my papers tomorrow. I’ve told Ganguli that I want to start working as early as possible, rather from Thursday itself. I don’t think it’s of any use to congratulate me now. Wish me only when Bengal lift the Santosh Trophy. My job begins now and I have plenty of work to do,” he emphasized.

Assisting Bhowmick in dispensing his duties will be Sisir Ghosh, formerly and Indian national team striker and goalkeeping coach Gautam Ghosh.

“I came to know about my appointment from the media. IFA officials haven’t told me anything about it yet.

“Nevertheless, as a coach, you always want to see your team win all matches. So I, too, will do my job to the best of my abilities,” Ghosh stated, expressing his delight.


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