IMG-Reliance's league will spell death of Indian football - Armando Colaco

The former India coach believes that the new IMG-Reliance tournament is not a blessing but a detriment to football, while players still ambiguous over participation...

Armando Colaco, the successful Dempo SC coach, lashed out at the football governing bodies and organizers for pushing on with the IPL-style tournament, without heeding or tending to the dire situation of the national league.

Explaining his stance to The Times of India, “It (IMG-Reliance's new league) will spell the death of Indian football and the clubs,” said the four-time I-League winning manager.

“Tell me how a two-month league will help develop Indian football? It is a ridiculous idea,” iterated an angry and bemused former India coach, who also goes on to ponder what the future would mean for players chosen by such tournament.

“The federation should rather spend on coaches’ education, youth development, the time tested ways to take the game forward. It’s just a moneymaking scheme,” opined Colaco.

Finally, Colaco raised to fore, the uncertainty around players’ futures, questioning their future after the tournament. “What will happen to the Indian players if the clubs refuse to sign them after the league gets over? No one knows.”

He was joined in his quandry, by Sunil Chhetri, who felt the IMG-Reliance's tournament had a long way to go before it could offer a sustainable alternative to the Indian I-League.

"A lot of players have spoken to me, they are very sceptical about the development. They feel scared. This is not a good position for the players to be,” said a perplexed Chhetri.

Further deliberation revealed Cheetri wanted an immediate resolve around player incertitude to the issue saying, “That is the reason I want the topsy-turvy situation to be resolved as soon as possible. It doesn't matter which way it turns. It should be solved.”


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