Derrick Pereira to focus on youth development at Salgaocar FC

The Salgaocar coach mentioned that players will benefit with the change in training techniques...

Derrick Pereira is no newbie to coaching. Having started his trade at Vasco SC 13 years ago, he charted his coaching career with the likes of Mahindra United and Pune FC, before settling on his former club Salgaocar FC.

Speaking to The Times of India, Pereira lamented the lack of focus applied by clubs on developing youth, the future of football itself and put undue focus on professional players. He believes that the youth still do not get the basic tact right.

At the same time, he cooed about the quality of youngsters pouring out of his clubs academy and expressed his delight at the players being extremely rugged and motivated. He also believes that, on the basis of their training ground performances in un-seen conditions and climates, the regular players will find it increasingly difficult to hold down their place.

"The youngsters did take some time to understand the training methodology but now they are responding well. The sessions are always with the ball and they are enjoying," said a beaming Derrick.

A set of sweeping changes in the training schedule and techniques was also palpable, with beach training being dumped-something that characterized the Goan club.

"I always train during match timings. It's better to get yourself accustomed to whatever the prevalent weather conditions are at that time," enunciated Pereira

Elsewhere, on other fronts, the lack of foreign talent at his club hasn’t troubled the Goan coach at all. Chika Wali, a Nigerian international, is the only one on his foreign roster at the moment. He was also one of two players brought to Salgaocar FC from Pune FC by Pereira, the other being T Karma.

"We need to get our foreign contingent in place but I am not in any undue hurry. We need to find the right players in the right positions.”

It is widely believed that two foreign players, who had attended trials with his clubs, hadn’t been considered further as they failed to qualify certain criterion of the coach.  Pereira also stressed that players who been sent an invite are yet to accept or turn up.