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The veteran midfielder captained the MDS Chargers in an exhibition match against the FPAI XI played at Imphal..

Manipur is generally considered a football crazy state, though often overlooked, in the north eastern zone of India. And finally, people there had their wishes fulfilled. Football fans in the state of Manipur had an opportunity to witness some of the country’s hottest talents when the Football Players Association of India (FPAI) XI and the Manipur Development Society (MDS) faced off in an exhibition match to promote the beautiful game.

The match was held on the 30th of last month, in Imphal. 

The match itself was a very tightly contested with the FPAI XI finally getting to victory in the end with a slender 1-0 win over the MDS. It was an occasion to remember not just for the fans who turned up in full force, but also several players who revered in the occasion.

“The match was a good competitive match. FPAI XI won 1-0 but MDS Chargers had a fair share of chances and should have won the match,” Renedy Singh, who led the MDS Chargers, told Goal

“Being captain or not has really never made much of a difference to me but leading the team in front of a home packed stadium was a fantastic experience.

“I will remember the packed stadium and the Mexican wave - a sight that is rare in Indian Football. I can only hope that this becomes an annual event so that the people have a big match to look forward to every year.” 

Gouramangi was pleased to see that people turned up in numbers for the tie to see their local players and labelled the event as a ‘grand success’.

“The stadium was almost packed and for me it was in front of a fully packed stadium at home for the first time.

“It was a special Sunday afternoon match. I hope matches around the country can be like this where people come with their families and friends to watch Indian players play. It was even more special that it was a complete Local Manipur team known as MDS Chargers XI and other team with players who are in the National team or have played in the national team playing as FPAI XI. It’s great to show that the local Manipur players can draw such a big crowd.”

The duo thanked the players who participated in the game from across the country for making it.