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The Indian FA are hopeful of meeting the demand of their commercial and marketing partners...

Kushal Das, the general secretary of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), stated that the world governing body for football gives its members the free hand to make their own rules for the domestic tournaments.

IMG-Reliance, AIFF’s commercial and marketing partners, had asked for an ‘Emergency loan’ window be created in March so that the players plying their trade in the IPL-style tournament can go back to the I-League clubs.

However FIFA had categorically mentioned that the provision of ‘Emergency loan’ window breaches its transfer regulations. As a result, the said loan window will be scrapped in England starting the 2014-15 season.

Das explained that the number of times a player can be loaned isn’t a specification in the regulations and that could work in favour of IMG-Reliance with respect to their need.

“As per the player status regulation,  a player can be loaned at any time during the season but he cannot play for more than 2 clubs during a season,” Das told Goal.

“The rules are silent on the number of times a player can be loaned. In any case FIFA allows the MA's to make its own rules for domestic tournaments,” he added.