Kushal Das: It would be beneficial to save costs and utilize it for developmental activities

The Indian FA chief reasons as to why the conference model for the national league was adopted starting next season…

The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) general secretary, Kushal Das stated that the governing body for football in India is open for discussion with the clubs on reverting the I-League back to the home and away format as opposed to the conference system.

The Emergency Committee of the AIFF had met and stated that the top division league would be divided into two conferences, hoping to cut costs and channelize the same into developmental activities.

However the I-League clubs, under the banner of I-League Professional Football Clubs Association (IPFCA), expressed their displeasure and have requested for a meeting with the AIFF to discuss the same.

“The reason for adopting the conference model is to reduce the amount of money which the federation has to spend on the travel and accommodation of the teams considering the spiraling air travel costs and the distances in India,” Das told Goal.

Das laid a criterion for the clubs should the AIFF decide to revert back to the home and away format and it will be interesting to see whether the latter agrees to it.

“We believe that instead of spending this money on travel it would be more beneficial for Indian football to save costs and utilize it for developmental activities including U-19 I-League. However if the clubs are willing to bear this additional cost on travel then we are willing to discuss,” he added.