Indian national team players stand in favour of a Standard Contract with all clubs in the I-League

FPAI stresses that Professional football needs Standard Professional Contracts following all FIFA norms for mutual benefit of the Clubs, Players and League...
The Football Players Association of India (FPAI) conducted a workshop and interactive session with the 29 players at the Indian national team training camp in Pune on Thursday, while addressing a key number of issues with players ahead of what is predicted to be a hectic transfer season - the main concern that needed to be addressed was revealed as the need to sign Professional Contracts in lieu of all of FIFA norms.

Critical matters in contracts like injury, performance, early termination, just cause and unilateral clauses in contracts were discussed. Currently very few clubs in India have contracts that address and protect the players' rights in any of the clauses above.

All the players at the India camp unanimously agreed that the Federation should implement a Standard Contract with all clubs in the I-League whereby players needed to only negotiate their financial terms, bonuses and benefits and not the terms of the contracts. It has to be noted that workshops in Kolkata were held regarding the same and players in Kolkata agreed on similar grounds.

The World Body for players FIFPro have set a deadline for India achieving a Standard Contract with all of FIFA norms being followed according to the FIFA Minimum Contract Requirements for Professional Footballers.

Andrew Scott Howman, a reputed Lawyer from New Zealand, who was conducting the Workshop at the request of FPAI said, "It is most important that a professional league provides standard contracts for its players. This is the way in which appropriate standards can be maintained in the Indian League and is the only way forward. He stressed that implementation of a standard contract would only benefit Indian football".

The FPAI decided that the Indian Football Awards 2013 would be held on 18 May 2013 and the venue for this year's awards is most likely set to be Mumbai. There was also a discussion to have an exhibition match on the day of the awards between a Senior and Junior team involving celebrities which may also be an occasion for a couple of senior players to announce their international retirement.

More to follow from the workshops in Goa.

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