Reasons why Indians follow the Premier League brings to you India's response to the Premier League's Global Survey conducted by the league's sponsors Barclays...
A large chunk of the Premier League's fan following is from Asia and in recent times there has been a growing interest from India as well. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney was voted as the Best Player in the Premier League in a survey conducted by sponsors Barclays. One-third of Indian fans who participated in the survey voted for the 25-year old England striker and one-fifth of these fans gave their backing to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as the most exciting new prospect over the next five years in the Premier League.

Indian fans voted Wayne Rooney was the best player in the Premier League

While the English clubs have always been interested in the Indian market hoping to increase their fan-base by launching various local initiatives such as soccer schools, summer camps or restaurants, it was revealed that the reason for choosing to follow a particular didn't have much to do with these subsidiary activities.

56% of Indians cited the competitiveness of the Premier League as the reason which makes it so popular among them. However 50% felt that the atmosphere at grounds and the passion shown by supporters was also something that gravitates people towards the English game. The style of football and the players were a reason to watch the Premier League for 45% of the fans and 18% of those fans supported a team for their history of success.

Such is the reach of England's top flight league that the survey revealed that the average amount of time a fan, within the sample audience from India, who has supported a Premier League team is 8 years!!!

Though the television telecast of Premier League faces stiff competition from Live Streaming through the internet, 70% of those who took the survey preferred to watch the games on television in the company of friends and family with an average of 4.78 hours being spent on following the events of the League.

Watching the Premier League is incomplete without having anything to eat, be it in India or anywhere else around the world. In India, it was observed that, during a Premier League match, 59% of the fans munched on burgers and chips closely followed by pizzas, kebabs and hot dogs.

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