Dempo look to Dhoni and Gambhir as club ambassadors - report

The club's chairman expressed the need for fresh impetus for Indian football, that can only come from Bollywood and cricket.
There is no counter-argument when one says that 'The Beautiful Game' is in disarray in India. The fact that a game, that is the most watched and followed around the world, has no place in a country as populated as India is a sign of worry. One of India's leading football clubs Dempo SC garnered hopes of getting Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan (SRK) to sign a co-ownership deal with them to enhance the popularity of a game that is quickly dwindling away.

However in a recent interview with The Times of India, SRK denied having any interest to buy stake at Dempo stating:"I don't have any other sports team. People come and meet and we discuss to see how sports can be promoted vis-a-vis me. All I own is KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), that's it."

Shrinivas Dempo, the chairman of Dempo SC, is still hopeful though of sealing a deal with the Bollywood star.

"Dempo are still waiting. Shah Rukh still hasn't taken a decision yet. The last we heard from him is that he has other priorities at the moment," he told The Times of India.

Mr. Dempo also stated that prior to SRK's interest, some cricketers took more than a passive look at the I-League champions, but owing to the Bollywood icon's rumoured interest, those cricketers were put on hold. "We are now keen to explore other options. We will have to wait until the end of the year to take a final call. Indian football needs fresh impetus that can only come from cricket and Bollywood," said Dempo.

Shrinivas Dempo feels that Bollywood and cricket can popularise football in India

The latest on this front is that India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir are ones who would like to to have a share in the Dempo pie. The club chairman, however opted to play it safe.

"I wouldn't take any names at this stage as talks are at a premlimnary stage. Dhoni's name is bound to crop up given his reported passion for football. But all I can tell you is that interest is there from more than one cricketer."

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