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The much talked about deal that would see Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan be a stakeholder with the Indian champions has hit a snag lately…

Shrinivas Dempo, the chairman of Dempo SC, has stated that the proposed deal with Shah Rukh Khan which would see the latter have around 40% stake in the club is yet to materialize, though the nitty-gritty’s of the same have been apparently worked out.

It was back in the first week of June when Dempo announced the interest from Shah Rukh Khan however it’s been over three months now that the agreement hasn’t signed as yet.

While there were reports of Shah Rukh Khan keen having a “substantial minority stake” at Dempo for around Rs. 30 crore, industry sources suggest that the former was never keen to pay the financial sum instead brining his brand value on the table.

On being queried as to why the deal hasn’t been finalised in an interview to Prudent Media, Dempo said, “I would like to comment on this way. The status quo continues. Mr.Khan still continues to be interested in football as a sport and he continues to be interested in our club. We have sorted most of the differences which we potentially saw could be the differences. “

“But somehow the deal has to happen and the signing has to happen. I don’t know what’s in his mind but probably, either he must be very preoccupied with his other work. But the last when I spoke to his people, that they were quite positive about continuing the process.”

Given the delay in convincing the Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner to agree to buy a stake at his club, Dempo revealed his anxiousness to get this done away with as soon as possible.

“I am not feeling dejected but I am feeling a little concerned as to when this would end because it completely puts us on a different ball game in terms of pursuing our other strategies like marketing, sponsorships, franchise. So that’s my keenness in trying to push (for it),” he mentioned.

Mr.Dempo launching the club merchandise

Dempo also highlighted at the end for all stakeholders in Indian football to come together as work towards a common goal which shall benefit all parties involved in the longer run.

“I saw Rob Baan’s presentation at the AIFF Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. I think he has got a lot of substance in what he is saying.  Basically he said state associations are very, very important. The clubs are very important and the AIFF  (All India Football Federation) has to work in tandem with all these.”

“Recently, FIFA had come to India and talked to the clubs. I had gone and met them and they were also on the same page saying that everybody has to work together.  But here, you know, somehow the attitude felt is that state associations are different, the clubs are different, and the AIFF is different.”

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