Subhashis Roychowdhury: I might get a chance if the coach looks at the hard work I have put in

The experienced custodian believes that his game has certainly improved in the last year or so and that he is ready to take on the responsibility for the national team too...

Subhashis Roychowdhury’s confidence is at an all time high given that he has had an excellent season for Dempo SC as they won the I-League.

The goalkeeper upped his game after the defensive blunders in the previous season didn’t help Dempo’s cause in their fight for the league title which was eventually won by Salgaocar SC.

“My game has improved tremendously and I have the confidence that if you put me in any team, I know that I can play,” said Subhashis.

“There were several matches where the opposition couldn’t score any goal against us. I do believe that of the 21 goals scored against us, at least 12 goals were needless. They were scored when we were winning by a two or three goal margin and then there was some relaxation which allowed them the chance to score. We play a very open game at Dempo,” he explained the reason why they had the second best defensive record in the league instead of being at the summit.

Subhashis has been part of the Indian national team setup for long but hasn’t seen chances come his way which still baffles him.

“In whichever games I was played, most of them were practice games, we never lost. Under Bob Houghton, I never got the chance though I was always part of the squad.

“Now let us see if chances do come by if the coach (Koevermans) only looks at the hard work put in the training,” he mentioned.

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The former Mahindra United goalkeeper gave an insight on how Koevermans’ tactics work as opposed to that of Bob Houghton.

“Bob used to employ a 4-4-2 formation where he would usually play the long ball. The idea was not to take risks by playing too many passes and giving away the possession. However the new strategy introduced by our new coach (Koevermans) is exactly the opposite as he wants every player to play passes and so far the boys have responded well. He has been playing us in a 4-4-1-1 or a 4-5-1 formation,” said Subhashis.

“He is new to the team and hence is trying everyone in different positions. He is testing as to who would fit in best where and is consulting Savio (Madeira) too as he doesn’t know much about the players. He also stresses about the shape, like Bob did. But he always speaks about passing forward,” he added.

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