Armando Colaco: How long I continue as Dempo coach depends on my health

The most successful Indian coach over the last two decades or so is likely to call it quits if his health continues to worsen as has been the case lately…

Armando Colaco has revealed that though he shall continue to coach Dempo SC next season, the same cannot be said for the years to come.

Having had to undergo an angioplasty surgery last season, the former India coach gave two reasons for his coming to the above mentioned conclusion.

“I think it’s time for me to go, probably because of two reasons. I have been here for quite a long time. I don’t want the players to get stale with me, same type of football…possession football and newer techniques have come. So maybe a new coach comes in, takes over and does better than me,” he was quoted saying in an interview with Prudent Media.

“And my health also does not permit me to carry on for too long. So it’s like that. But once I get the Dronacharya (award), I think that will be the final thing for me,” he explained.

He further added that if his physical condition remains optimum, he might continue as the head coach a little longer, giving Dempo fans something to hope for.

“I will always be (head coach of Dempo this season). If I am fit enough the next season, I will continue because Dempo and Armando, they always go together. It all depends on my health,” he added.

On being asked as to whether Armando has any plans of quitting the Goan club any time soon, the reply was instant as he pledged his loyalty to the project of Srinivas Dempo, chairman of the club.

“I will always be at Dempo. I don’t think I will be leaving Dempo because this is a club where I came up after Dempo’s  Don Bosco’s Oratory.”

“I don’t think except for a few occasions when I was not in football and I left and joined Churchill Brothers. But my chairman and our president Mr. Srinivas Dempo was good enough to bring me back. And I have enjoyed the best of my time here.  I enjoyed it as a player, I enjoyed it as a coach and I am also enjoying it as an administrator. So let us see how things work out,” he signed off.

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