Jalpaiguri based Mahesh Thapa suffers injury which turns fatal due to infrastructural negligence

Four months after D Venkatesh's tragic death, the nation still hasn't learnt its lesson as infrastructural negligence leads to yet another fatality...
28-year-old Jalpaiguri based footballer Mahesh Thapa suffered a fatal injury last evening when playing in a local tournament in West Bengal. The post-mortem is likely to be conducted on Monday afternoon.

Thapa, a player of Raikatpara Sports Association, injured himself after colliding with the opposing goalkeeper in a match underlights played at the Netaji Vidyapath ground, Torapara, on the outskirts of Jalpaiguri.

With no ambulance in the ground, Thapa, a resident of the Race Course locality, was taken to Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital on a motorcycle but there were no beds available at the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) wing. Thapa, better known locally as Gorey, was then taken to a private nursing home. However there were no beds available again and on the way to another hospital, Thapa lost his life.

He was then taken back to the Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital, where he was declared dead.

It must be remembered that earlier this year in March, Bangalore first division player D Venkatesh died due to cardiac arrest after collapsing on the field during a local league match.