Tolgay Ozbey has left East Bengal to join bitter rivals Mohun Bagan

In a strange twist of fate, Tolgay Ozbey who only today led East Bengal to their CFL crown after scoring a hat-trick, has agreed to join arch rivals Mohun Bagan...
East Bengal fans had barely started celebrating their team being crowned the Calcutta Football League (CFL) Champions after thumping Mohammedan SC 6-0, when they heard the shocking announcement that Tolgay Ozbey, who scored a hat-trick in the game, had switched allegiance to Mohun Bagan for next season.

The Red and Gold fans were out in the streets rejoicing, but their joy was cut short as the shocked Mohun Bagan establishment had hurriedly called a surprise press conference at the Mohun Bagan grounds in Kolkata in the evening.

In the press conference, surprisingly alongwith Mohun Bagan officials was present Tolgay Ozbey, the hero of the day for not Mohun Bagan but the Red and Gold - until then atleast.

Thereafter what transpired was a rude shock to the Red and Gold supporters who saw their beloved Tolgay agreeing to join their fierce rivals for the next season citing personal problems with the East Bengal establishment.

Tutu Bose, Mohun Bagan club President, spoke on the occasion saying that Tolgay will be claiming the recently vacated No. 10 jersey next season formerly held by club legend Jose Ramirez Barreto.

"Barreto will hand over the No. 10 jersey to Tolgay on the 18th May. We welcome him(Ozbey) to the club."

He also compared Mohun Bagan's trophyless run to FC Barcelona failing to win the La Liga inspite of having probably the best team in the world!

"Do not blame us for going trophyless this season. We are not at fault or those who made the team. Look at FC Barcelona and their players. Even they failed to win the league "

Mariners, let us know WILL Tolgay be a hit with your club? Red and Gold supporters, do YOU feel betrayed by your star striker?