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The Indian FA hasn’t had a single women’s football competition in the ongoing season which is scheduled to end in a month and a half…

Women’s football in India hits an all-time low as the All India Football Federation (AIFF) haven’t organised any competition for them in the 2011-12 season.

Neither the National Football Championships for seniors which was to be held in October and November last year, nor the junior and sub-junior championships scheduled for December and January took place.

While Asian teams such as Japan are turning heads by winning the women’s World Cup and grabbing the FIFA Women’s and Coach of the year awards, India continues to plunge down further highlighting the unprofessionalism prevalent in the country’s football administration.

Several players are distraught over the fact that the competition hasn’t been organized and believe that they aren’t taken seriously.

“We have been practicing all throughout the year and we are very disappointed that even our senior women’s competition hasn’t been held,” said Tuli Goon, who hails from West Bengal.

While the AIFF calendar states that the senior women’s championships were to be held in the months of October and November, players suggest otherwise.

“We are not aware of it as generally it is held in the months of March-April. It is sad that we have no competition to play in. But what can we do,” said Amoolya from Karnataka.

National coach Mohammad Shahid Jabbar is clueless as to when the competitions will be held and suggests that it could be scheduled for next season.

“The nationals were to be held in May but it has been postponed,” he informed

According to sources, it is believed that the AIFF couldn’t organise the competitions due to lack of enough funds despite having signed a deal with IMG-Reliance worth Rs.700 crore for a period of 15 years back in December 2010.

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