How the Indian and international media reacted to Venkatesh Dhanraj's sad demise looks at how Indian as well as world media have reacted following the unfortunate death of D Venkatesh, an Indian footballer, due to lack of basic medical facilities...
21st March, 2011 has been a sad day in Indian football as Venkatesh Dhanraj, a professional football player based in Bangalore plying his trade for 'Bangalore Mars', passed away on his way to the hospital after collapsing on the field. This was primarily due to a lack of any sort of basic emergency or life saving care at the stadium as well as lack of an ambulance or any other direct transport facility to the hospital which might have resulted in a different outcome altogether. looks at how various media outlets have reacted to yet another shameful chapter in India's football...

The Hindu

Footballer dies on the field

Tragedy struck the BDFA ‘A' division football league on Wednesday afternoon when D. Venkatesh, a 23-year-old footballer with the Bangalore Mars, died after collapsing on the ground.

Although an ambulance is on standby at I-League games, there was none present here, eyewitnesses claimed. “He came on with five minutes or so left on the clock but just collapsed soon after,” said A. Lawrence, referee for the match.

The Hindustan Times

Footballer dies while playing in Bangalore

..."There was absolutely no medical arrangement inside the stadium. This is absolutely disgraceful from the Karnataka state association. Last year, a player with (I-League) team HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) died and if the facilities don't change, we will see more such incidents in this state," said R Dhanaraj Venkatesh.

The Telegraph UK

Indian footballer dies after collapsing during Bangalore Mars' A-League match with South Western Railway

An Indian professional footballer has died after collapsing during a game, with witnesses saying the 27-year-old had to be taken to hospital in a rickshaw.

The incident came as the Premier League reviewed its own medical procedures following Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba's cardiac arrest while playing against Tottenham.

Muamba, 23, slumped to the turf towards the end of the first half of an FA Cup quarter-final at Tottenham's White Hart Lane stadium on Saturday and is now recovering in hospital. Medics have been praised for their rapid response.

The Daily Mail

Indian football hit by tragedy after player dies of suspected heart attack during match

Less than a week after Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an FA Cup match at White Hart Lane, an Indian football player has died on the field during a local league game in the southern city of Bangalore.

The Guardian

Indian footballer dies after cardiac arrest in Bangalore league match

• Bangalore Mars striker collapsed in district-level game

• Substitute taken to hospital by tuk-tuk where declared dead

An Indian footballer died after collapsing on the pitch during a district-level league match, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has announced. His death coincides with the English Premier League's decision to review its medical procedures after the Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest while playing against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. Muamba is recovering in hospital.

The Indian Express

Footballer collapses on pitch, dies after treatment delay

A delay in treatment led to the death of a 22-year-old football player, who collapsed on the pitch during a district football league match at the Bangalore Football Stadium on Friday. The KSFA admitted that the lack of facilities was responsible for Venkatesh's death.

In an official statement, KFSA president AR Khaleel said the association has decided to purchase an ambulance following the incident. He also announced a compensation of Rs one lakh for the player's family, while also constituting an internal inquiry.


Indian footballer dies after heart attack

A footballer in India has collapsed and died during a match after apparently suffering a cardiac arrest.
The news comes days after a young footballer experienced a similar attack during an FA Cup match in England. 

Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba remains in critical condition in a London hospital after effectively dying for 78 minutes when his heart stopped during the game against Tottenham Hotspur.

The Times Of India

Footballer Venkatesh dies of cardiac arrest on pitch

Meanwhile, violence erupted at the stadium after friends and kin of Venkatesh disrupted the Super Division match between ASC and ADE, throwing chairs onto the field demanding action. They are also planning to file a case against the BDFA.

In a shocking incident that again brought to light the poor medical facilities provided for local football tournaments, a 27-year-old player died on Wednesday after he collapsed at the Bangalore Football Stadium during a league match.

The Deccan Chronicle

Footballer, 27, dies on field

The Bangalore Football stadium, the hub of the sport in the state, sorely lacked in facilities and amateurish efforts to revive Venkatesh failed before a couple of his team-mates took him to nearby Hosmat in an auto where he was declared dead on arrival.

The Deccan Herald

Dashed dreams: Timely medical aid would have saved Venkatesh, says crestfallen Dhanraj

Sitting in the stands at the Bangalore Football Stadium and watching his son Venkatesh play gave immense pleasure to R Dhanraj. Little did he imagine that one of such ‘happiness visits’ wou­ld turn extremely tragic. That is exactly what happened on Wednesday, with Venkatesh collapsing on the ground and dying in front of him during the ‘A’ Division game.

“They (the Bangalore District Football Association) have killed my son,” said an inconsolable Dhanraj, who played for 515 Army Base Workshop. “If there was an ambulance on the ground with proper medical staff, I am confident my son would have been alive now.

NDTV India

Bangalore football player's death: Not even a nurse is present during matches, says one player

The death of an Indian professional player in Bangalore yesterday has served as a stark reminder of all that is still lacking in terms of basic infrastructure when it comes to sports.

Mr Dhanraj, Venkatesh's father, was present when he saw his son collapse and took him to the Hosmat hospital. "We had to carry him. Even a stretcher there was in poor condition. I found an auto to shift him to a hospital," he said. There was no medical team present, nor was there a first-aid kit available on the stadium during the match.