Mohun Bagan Scoff At AIFF's Suggestion

Mohun Bagan general secretary didn’t take the decision of the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) Executive Committee to ask the clubs not to award money to other teams to win matches, as was done by the Mariners two months ago.
Prior to the final round of I-League matches on the April 16th, Mohun Bagan announced a prize of Rs.5 lakhs if Mohammedan Sporting were to beat Churchill Brothers. It must be remembered that Mohun Bagan and Churchill Brothers had a chance to win the title, with the Goan club having the upper hand with a superior goal difference.

The only chance for Bagan was that Churchill Brothers drop some points while they manage to win their match against Mahindra United. While certain sections questioned the intention of Mohun Bagan’s decision to award the prize, others believe it was just to encourage their fellow team from the state of West Bengal.

Speaking to, Mohun Bagan general secretary, Anjan Mitra said, “Today, we have decided to announce a prize of rupees one lakh if West Bengal would win the Santosh Trophy on Sunday. Now, let the AIFF discuss this as well.

“Mohammedan Sporting is a team from Bengal and were facing relegation back then. It is our duty to encourage them.”

However, Mohun Bagan haven’t received any letter from the Indian FA conveying the decision or even asking as to why they did offer the incentive to Mohammedan Sporting.

“We haven’t received any letter,” added Mitra.

However, the instance of offering the cash prize to Mohammedan Sporting and West Bengal state team are two different instances which cannot be seen under the same light as in the first case, Mohun Bagan would have been the beneficiary of Mohammedan Sporting’s victory against Churchill Brothers.   

Rahul Bali.