Arsenal vs Tottenham Fanview: Who will earn the bragging rights asks the fans as to what they think would be the result of the first North London Derby of the season.
Last season Tottenham, despite leading their fiercest London rivals Arsenal for the better part of the season, saw the wheels of their wagon came off and eventually resulted in them finishing fourth and losing out on a Champions League berth to European champions Chelsea.

For Arsenal, the turn around started after their 5-2 win in the second North London Derby of the season, where they spectacularly made a comeback of some sorts after going down 2-0 to Spurs. Much has changed since then but one question still looms large - Will Tottenham look to avenge their defeat last season or will Arsenal wound their pride yet again? asked the same question to the fans.

Nisha Nair

It seems that this derby surely is going to be the tightest of all. Being a Gunner, I would love my team to thrash the opponents just the way they did last year but we know that Tottenham do play with a kind of swagger. With Bale and Lennon tormenting the flanks, I see no reason why they cannot upstage us. But on the other hand, the return of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott has given us pace to use too. It will be an evenly matched contest which could be decided due to a mistake by either defence. I would go for a 3-2 win for Arsenal as the game is played at the Emirates.

Yash Vardhan Thirani

Emotions kept aside, that Tottenham had an intimidating midfield consisting of Van der Vaart and Modric I would have still thought of Spurs giving us a tough time. The current midfield with Dembele out is toothless and so I'm not really expecting Spurs to avenge any defeat.


Aditya Singh

To be honest, Spurs are closing the gap, even though I am pretty confident they won't ever overtake us. As the reports reveal, we could've bought Hugo Lloris. But I feel we made some good signings which could've been better. I have never doubted Arsene and his decisions. I strongly feel the match this weekend will decide the fate of the two squads.

Abhinav Dutta

I am very sceptical. I expect it to end in a draw (or an Arsenal victory). I don't think either side can be said to be better than the other. Arsenal have Podolski, Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla, Arteta, etc. So I'd say Arsenal have better options in the attack. We have always been short on depth and it shows when crucial players are out with injuries -Dembele, Kaboul, Parker, etc. We have reinforcements but they are not of the same quality. Both managers being under pressure, it pans out to be an interesting game. One of the tightest derbies in recent memory and for the first time there is no favourite. A draw, a Tottenham win or an Arsenal win, anything and everything is on the cards.

Hopefully,we have Dembele fit. It would be brilliant to see the Sandro-Dembele partnership although I doubt how effective they will be with one having just returned from injury and the other coming back from a farcical midweek friendly.

Hemant Kandoi

Defence! That is what really matters for Arsenal. Would surely prefer playing Jenkinson in the left back position and letting Vermaelen and Mertesacker play as central defenders. No doubt Jenkinson is anytime better than Santos and Koscielny. As an Arsenal supporter I will surely hope for a win but it wouldn't be easy because Spurs too have quality players. It's a very important game and Arsenal cannot risk losing three important points.

Supragya Saurabh

Tottenham have on paper a really quality squad. In fact taking into account the inadequacy Arsenal have shown in attack, I'll even say Tottenham might have an upper hand. But this game, as has been famously said, is not played on paper. If there is a team who we can expect to leave the odds and their poor start to the season behind and give a fierce fight to their rivals, it's Arsenal. They always rise to the occasion in a North London Derby. This game I feel will be tough to win for both the teams.

I predict a draw. Tottenham to open the scoring and Arsenal to equalise spectacularly. Maybe even grab a late winner owing to the fantastic home support.

Pranav Byatnal

With Villas-Boas at the helm I do not see us giving up a two-goal lead to lose 5-2. Having said that, Arsenal and Spurs are both part of a league within a league where the aim is to fight for the fourth place. As far as Spurs pipping the Gunners for the fourth place is concerned, given the team they have and add to it Arsenal's dismal performances, there is no reason why they cannot do it. But you cannot discount the fact that there is a certain Mr.Arsene Wenger on the other side who has qualified for the Champions League time & time again for the past 16 years.
I think Arsenal will come out on tops and wound Spurs' pride YET again

Abhishek Karandikar

Arsenal's defense was a rock till the first international break, after which the old malaise of throwing away the hard earned leads has resurfaced. Olivier Giroud is coming into his own and Wilshere's return has no doubt lifted the spirits, but the Schalke and Fulham games have shown the chinks in our armour. Vermaelen is not in the same stead as last season. The less we speak about Santos the better. Koscielny has been patchy himself, scoring own goals at that, though one can't fault him too much for the one against Chelsea. Spurs have defeated United at Old Trafford, but haven't been consistent this season.

At the most, apart from pride, this game will reignite some hope for Champions League qualification, though neither team on current form deserves a top-4 finish. But as far as the result goes, I think it will be Arsenal who will come up trumps against Spurs provided Bale is subdued for the entire game.

Aatish Patel

Spurs are a good team on paper but Villas-Boas' tactics are just not good enough which we could see in the game against City. The only area Arsenal are going to face problems is the left back position. Aaron Lennon will cause problems with his pace, with Gibbs out injured and Santos woefully out of form. Vermaelen will start as left back probably. Overall I think Arsenal have a better chance. Walcott and Giroud combine very well in attack. With Giroud's aerial abilities combined with Sagna's crosses from the right hand side, chances could be plenty.
I think Arsenal will come out victorious from this clash.

Ankit Kandoi

Well to be honest, I was gung ho by the way Arsenal started their campaign. A lot was written about the way defence was functioning and way Cazorla and Podolski mixed with the team. But the international break broke us apart. I don't see the same team that started the campaign. The way they are playing at the moment doesn't show confidence nor the passion which can excite any fan. It's time Wenger and the board quits or else the Gunners will find themselves in a similar situation like Liverpool with no berth in the Champions League. Coming to the derby, I would love if we win. But again it all depends on how our defence copes. In all the Premier League games, defensive lapses cost us points and I see it continuing in the coming games too. I reckon it will be a draw.