Rendezvous Sports and Bharat Forge submit bids for the I-League

Two groups have shown their interest to be a part of the country’s top division league...

Two corporates have expressed their interest to be a part of the I-League 2014/15 bangwagon.

Earlier the All India Football Federation (AIFF) had set the deadline to submit bids on 30th July which was extended until the first week of August. Thereafter, Rendezvous Sports’ bid was rejected on grounds that they couldn’t fulfill certain financial criterion.

However, with a late interest from Pune’s Bharat Forge, and Rendezvous Sports’ asking for their proposal to be re-considered, the AIFF once again extended the deadline to submit the bids.

“Yes, we have received two bids from Rendezvous and Bharat Forge,” informed Sunando Dhar, I-League’s CEO.

Kushal Das, the AIFF general secretary stated that the two corporates were serious about investing in domestic football.

“Bharat Forge is a big group so, I am hoping that they have submitted all the documents. We will able to reply on their I-League participation once we open their bid on Monday.

“We have to see whether the paperwork is proper and the financial documents have been submitted,” Das told Goal.