East Bengal players requested to feign ignorance to off-field developments

With the recent off field controversy blighting the famous Kolkata club, senior figures have emphasized on the players, the need to focus...

It was a terse training session for the East Bengal players on Thursday, considering the arrest of their Executive Committee Member, Debabrata Sarkar, by the Central Bureau of Invistigation (CBI) in relation to a chit fund scam.

As Goal reported earlier, the official has been taken into custody regarding his involvement in the Saradha chit fund scam. It is believed that he was allegedly the chief negotiator between the said chit fund and regulatory body Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The investigating agency had recently searched his residence wherein they recovered documents and Fixed Deposit Receipts worth Rs 25 lakh.

Now, as per reports, the club’s administration had requested, Dr Shanti Ranjan Dasgupta to ensure distractions amongst the constituent players was minimal and ensure they kept eyes away from all “off-field” affairs.

It seems Alvito D’Cunha, a senior player, alongside the coach, Armando Colaco, were also involved in the prepping up of players.

“He gave an example. He said, ‘If you are going for an examination and a family member falls ill, you don’t panic, rather you try and concentrate on the exam first’,” said a source close to the club, to the Telegraph. D’Cunha has been an East Bengal player for over a decade and it is understood he was close to Sarkar, so naturally he took impetuous to ensure all was calm.

Opining his views on the matter, Armando Colaco surmised, “I have known Sarkar for a long time. When I was coaching in Goa, the only East Bengal official I knew was him. So it’s definitely an unfortunate matter. But I will not like to speak about it. It’s not our job, our job is to concentrate on football. We are playing in the Calcutta Football League (CFL) and we have to concentrate on that.”

With the Red and Gold convening an important Executive Committee meeting on Friday to discuss the issue, it is highly probable that they will back Sarkar to the hilt.