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The Indian FA vice-president is pleased with the response and the buzz created by the new league...

The Indian Super League (ISL) has seen football fans in the country take notice of the happenings in the domestic circuit, according to Shrinivas Dempo, co-owner of Goa’s franchisee.

They had advertised for several positions in the local newspaper and Dempo was taken aback with the kind of response he has received.

“One advertisement for jobs fetched us nearly 300 applications from young people who graduated from good marketing schools. That's the kind of buzz that is there ahead of the ISL. People are already following the ISL,” he told The Times of India.

“Such enthusiasm I have not seen even before when the I-League was launched. We finally have hope that the commercialization of football may happen. There is backing from such large parties like IMG, Reliance and Star TV, and the news we are getting is that the coverage will be world class,” he added.

The owner of Dempo SC, which has the most successful side in the I-League history believes that the country’s premier competition hasn’t attracted enough interest from corporate world primarily because of its failure to improve the coverage.

While for the ISL, there has been garnering the support of sponsors which is certainly a good sign.

"For the I-League, despite us negotiating and sitting across the table, the (coverage) has not taken off. There is some improvement but not to the extent what fans would like.

“There is high level of interest among sponsors, which is unlike what we have seen in the I-League. I was among the first to explore sponsorships for my team and was even willing to provide the front of the team shirt. But when we went to respectable corporate entities, there was no response. They all wondered what their level of return would be.

"In fact, we were even looking at sponsors of Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1 crore but what we were offered were Rs 10-15 lakh. That sum was not even enough to cover the cost of one player," he reasoned.