Beattie hasn't recovered from his injury - Pereira

The Scotsman was deemed unfit to play but Pereira has said he's willing to give Beattie another chance in January...

Salgaocar FC will need to get their act together to find a marquee player again as Craig Beattie, a former Celtic and West Bromwich Albion striker aside from being a Scottish international, was deemed unfit to participate on the field.

Salgaocar’s coach Derrick Pereira closely assessed Beattie in two complete training sessions and while he impressed with his striking finesse, the former Premier League player’s lack of fitness made Pereira arrive at the tough decision.

"He has not recovered from the injury that he had. For the last three months, he has not been involved with football and it showed on the field when we had a look at him,” explained a disappointed Pereira, to the Times of India.

The Goan coach also added, "His movements in training, though, were fantastic. His touches were very good but he is not very agile. If he regains his football, he will be an excellent striker here but for the moment, we are not offering him a contract."

Pereira though has left the door open for a move in the January transfer window for Beattie, provided the seven time international goal scorer can achieve a level of fitness deemed acceptable.