Dempo: We need to discuss the business model surrounding the I-League

The chairman of the Goan club backs his side to come good in the 2014-15 season…

Although Dempo SC did manage to finish fourth last season, their form was patchy.  For two seasons, the team has failed to win any silverware which is very much unlike Dempo – a club known to fight for trophies.

However given the number of changes made to the squad last summer with several young players roped in, it was a decent achievement.

Shrinivas Dempo, chairman of the prestigious club believes that they could be one of the serious contenders for the I-League title this time around.

“Dempo Sports Club has always given a platform to young and budding talents of the game in Goa. Last year when we decided to reshuffle the team, we had a plan about the future. We wanted to build a team which will brighten our prospects in national and international tournaments in the years to come.

“Last year was a testing time for us. Although we had a patchy start to the league, I think we did pretty well at the end. If you see now, we have retained almost entire squad from last year. If the boys continue to play well then I think we are one of the serious contenders for the I-League this season,” he told Goal.

Dempo recently has referred to the I-League as the ‘heart and soul of Indian football’ and on being asked if there could be a way to make this a commercially viable model in order to sustain it, he mentioned that is something which needs to be pondered upon.

“There is no doubt that I-league is the premier football event in India. Now, to make it commercially viable and sustaining, we have to go back to our basics and consider the views of all stakeholders in the league. This requires adequate brainstorming and could be an ongoing exercise.

“But, I think this is the need of the hour as we all need to sit and discuss the business model surrounding I-League,” he said.