Prasun Banerjee disappointed with AIFF’s decision to expel four clubs from I-League

The Arjuna Award winner hoped that the Indian FA ‘reconsider’ their decision to not grant licenses to the likes of Mohammedan Sporting and United Sports Club…

Prasun Banerjee, who is a Member of Parliament, hit out at the All India Football Federation (AIFF) for deciding to suspend four clubs, namely Mohammedan Sporting, United SC, Churchill Brothers and Rangdajied United, from the I-League for not having met the licensing criterion. It must be noted that Mohammedan had any ways got relegated having finished at the bottom of the table which meant that they wouldn’t be a part of the next season’s I-League in any case.

The AIFF’s First Instance Body went through the observations submitted by the inspection team and it was decided that the aforementioned four clubs had failed to meet several norms. Though the said clubs appealed, the Appeals Committee rejected their plea having given them a leeway at the start of last season already.

“I just got the news today. The way Mohammedan Sporting had to face double standards from AIFF seems disheartening to me. I request Subrata Dutta, the Vice President of the organization to give Mohammedan Sporting a chance to play in the top tier of the I-League once again.

“You should think about the decision after looking at the faces of the one crore Indians who are Mohammedan supporters. I deeply protest the decision taken by you,” the 59-year old wrote on his Facebook page.

He hoped that the decision is reversed as the Indian FA have to reconsider their judgment which shall hurt Indian football in the long run. The Mohun Bagan legend also urged the Indian Football Association which is the state association for football in West Bengal to take up the matter with the said authorities.

“I request IFA (Indian Football Association), Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, all other clubs and all present and former footballers to stand by Mohammedan’s side and appeal to the AIFF so that no injustice is served to the historic club.

“Mohammedan Sporting is a club that has created history. For the sake of Indian football, I request Subrata and the AIFF to reconsider the decision taken upon Mohammedan Sporting and United Sports Club,” he mentioned.